The debate on gender equality at universities and in business

We invite you to watch the debate inaugurating the project “Equality at universities” implemented by the UN Global Compact Poland. Its aim is to develop, in cooperation with universities and business, an ethical standard for universities in the field of gender equality and to exchange best practices, as well as to strengthen the position of… Czytaj więcej »

Support for researchers who are young parents – IDUB competition

As of 13.04.2022 call for research projects for parents returning to scientific activity after a child care leave has started. The competition is organized under the IDUB in Priority Research Area IV. The Humanities: Crossing Borders, Extending Capabilities “POB IV for Parents” is a unique competition on the map of IDUB competitions. Its aim is… Czytaj więcej »

Women PhD students networking at UW – meeting

We (co) create networking for women PhD students at the University of Warsaw. After successful online consultations, the time has come for the first face-to-face meeting. We meet on April 26th  (Tuesday) from 15:00 to 18:00 at the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Warsaw, ul. Karowa 18, room 18 (ground floor). We will… Czytaj więcej »

31st March – International Transgender Day of Visibility

Transgender persons are part of the community of the University of Warsaw. It happens that they encounter situations of misunderstanding, dislike or even hatred, which may undermine their sense of security at the university, and additionally have a negative impact on their ability to study and work. We would like transgender persons to feel at… Czytaj więcej »

UniSAFE research project at UW: researching gender-based violence

UniSAFE-factsheet The University of Warsaw takes part in the international research project UniSAFE, as part of which a survey on gender-based violence is conducted at  several dozen universities and research institutes in Europe. The UniSAFE project  is a large-scale research project to obtain large-scale data that will be used to develop institutional solutions useful to… Czytaj więcej »

New plenipotentiary for equality: Faculty of Psychology

We are happy to announce that Faculty of Psychology has appointed dr Paulina Górska as the new plenipotentiary for equality. You may contact her by email  For further information about the role of plenipotentiaries for equality see LINK

Networking for women PhD students at UW

We cordially invite you to consultations meeting about networking for women PhD students at UW. leaflet: Networking women PhD students consultations The Gender Equality Plan for UW and the IDUB strategy envisage actions to support women researchers at the early stages of their careers. One of those actions is „networking for women PhD students” – cyclical… Czytaj więcej »

Equal and in solidarity with Ukraine

The community of the University of Warsaw faced the war and the humanitarian crisis that affected our close neighbor – Ukraine. At this critical moment, employees, doctoral students and students of the University of Warsaw show solidarity with Ukrainians, unite and organize extensive help and support. A crisis management team has been established at the… Czytaj więcej »

New equality plenipotentiary at Collegium MISH UW

We are happy to announce that dr hab. Jakub Urbanik prof. UW is the new equality plenipotentiary at Collegium MISH. Feel free to contact him: 

Solidarity with Ukraine

  МИ З ВАМИ Шановні студенти, аспіранти та колеги з України МИ З ВАМИ Академічна спільнота Варшавського університету     Сенат Варшавського університету висловлює свою солідарність з Україною, яка бореться з авторитарною агресією. Сталася ескалація конфлікту – Російська Федерація порушила територіальну цілісність України. У цей важкий час Сенат Варшавського університету висловлює свою солідарність з українським… Czytaj więcej »