Academic Ombudsman



The Academic Ombudsman is a person to whom students, academic and administrative employees can ask for help with matters related to the university and its community. The Ombudsman can be addressed with any mobbing and discrimination issue, which will be dealt with confidentiality (in regard to both information provided to the Ombudsman and identity of the person making the report), independence, neutrality and impartiality. The task of the Ombudsman is to support employees and students in the conflict resolution and to ensure that all members of the academic community are treated fairly and righteously.

The Academic Ombudsman accepts reports in person, as well as by e-mail or telephone, and the Ombudsman’s intervention in a particular case follows after the Ombudsman’s personal meeting and the written consent of the notifier.

Academic Ombudsman UW
Anna Cybulko

University Library in Warsaw
Dobra 56/66, mezzanine, room 160C
Phone: 22 55 27 214
Office open from Monday to Thursday
8:30 – 15:30.
Office hours:
Mondays, Thursdays 11:00 – 14:00.