Anti-Mobbing Committee and Coordinator

Relationships between all members of the community of UW, including employees and supervisors, shall be based on the principle of respect and tolerance, as well as on the principle of respect for personal dignity.

Mobbing, often called workplace bullying, is prohibited by law.


Magdalena Miksa, who works in the Ombudsman Office at the university,  is the UW anti-mobbing coordinator. She is responsible for:

  • accepting and verifying reports;
  • collecting data on mobbing signals;
  • collecting information on anti-mobbing good practices;
  • implementing anti-mobbing initiatives, including aimed at increasing a level of awareness of mobbing in the workplace.

The Coordinator works with Anti-Mobbing Committee that investigates mobbing charges and recommends solutions to deans and rector.


Any employee who decides that he or she has been subjected to mobbing should report the matter to the coordinator. If, after the initial examination of the notification, the coordinator decides that the described situation may be considered mobbing, she will refer the matter to the Anti-Mobbing Committee. The Committee will then start an investigation into this matter.

If the situation reported by the employee cannot be considered mobbing, the coordinator will refer the case to the Academic Ombudsman or the Dispute and Conflict Resolution Center at the Faculty of Law and Administration in order to settle the dispute amicably. She may also submit the application to the appropriate university unit or terminate the case.


Information on the Anti-Mobbing Committee in the 2020-2024 term

Coordinator of counteracting mobbing
Magdalena Miksa
tel. 22 55 27 019