The anti-discrimination procedure at the University of Warsaw was introduced by Order No. 205 of the Rector of the University of Warsaw of August 31, 2020.
It defines:

  • rules for counteracting manifestations of discrimination, including sexual harassment,
  • how to deal with cases of discrimination at the University of Warsaw.


Full text of the Antidiscrimination Procedure in PDF.


The purpose of the procedure is to support actions against discrimination, protect members of the UW community and support people who have experienced discrimination.
The ordinance applies to reports made since its entry into force or reports on events that took place up to one year before the entry into force of the ordinance.

The Anti-Discrimination Committee and the Anti-Discrimination Coordinator, whose tasks include receiving and investigating complaints about discrimination, collecting data on its manifestations and collecting information on good practices related to anti-discrimination, are responsible for counteracting discrimination and its consequences at the University of Warsaw.

The Anti-discrimination committee and the Anti-discrimination coordinator cooperate with the Ombudsman and the Equality specialist at the University.

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