Centre for Disputes and Conflict Resolution at the Faculty of Law and Administration UW


An organisation whose statutory purpose is to promote amicable conflict resolution, to which anyone who has experienced discrimination, violence or unequal treatment may resort.

One of the aims pursued and disseminated by the Centre is to strengthen the sense of respect for human rights, tolerance and acceptance and to promote modern ways of resolving conflicts.

If you contact the Centre for Disputes and Conflicts Resolution (by phone or e-mail), a mediator and place and time of the proceedings will be determined after a preliminary examination of the case and a consent to mediation by the other party. At the request of the person reporting the problem, in justified cases, mediation may also be conducted at the distance, without the need for direct confrontation between the parties.

Centre for Disputes and Conflicts Resolution

Collegium Iuridicum II, room 3.5.
Lipowa 4, 00-316 Warsaw
Phone: 22 552 59 23
Office hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (9:00 – 13:00)