GEP Annual Review

Dear All,

We would like to present the first annual report summarizing the implementation of the “Gender Equality Plan for the University of Warsaw and the 2020-2023 Equality Action Plan”:

GEP Evaluation 2020/2021

The activities envisaged in the Gender Equality Plan are aimed at strengthening the principle of non-discrimination and equal treatment, which are the values that ​are respected at the University of Warsaw. The overriding goal of the Plan is to make the University a friendly and safe place for the entire academic community.

As a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the implementation of the Plan began with a delay – according to the original assumptions, the implementation of the Plan was scheduled for January 2020, but the Plan was adopted in August 2020, therefore the implementation of actions was possible starting from September 2020. The coronavirus pandemic affected many activities which had to be reformulated, some activities has changed their format from stationary to online, and some activities had to be suspended. Nevertheless, despite these difficulties, the vast majority of planned activities are carried out and we strongly believe that they will be fully implemented.

For the Gender Equality Plan to be fully implemented, it is necessary to involve the entire academic community, so we encourage you to join the work on individual activities, as well as to follow the progress and effects of our work on the equality website