Resolution of the Communication and Social Responsibility Committee of KRASP

The Communication and Social Responsibility Committee of KRASP issued a resolution expressing the opinion that there is no need to establish a “COMMISSION FOR FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN HIGHER EDUCATION AND SCIENCE ”. The full content of the resolution (in Polish language) can be read HERE Source:

What is hate speech?

Hate speech has serious consequences for the well-being and mental health of those who experience it. Dr hab. Michał Bilewicz, head of the UW Center for Research on Prejudice, explains what is hate speech and presents an initiative to help the University of Warsaw become a space in which no one will experience hate speech.

Meeting with a consultant on sexual violence

We invite you to a meeting with a consultant on sexual violence – Mrs. Antonina Lewandowska on Tuesday, February 18th at the Historical Institute in room A. The consultant will tell you what discrimination and sexual violence are, how to react to them and answer the questions of participants. source:

What is workplace bullying?

It is estimated that about 5% of employees become victims of workplace bullying in Poland. Which behavior is classified as workplace bullying and where to find help at the University of Warsaw? Magdalena Miksa, Anti-mobbing coordinator, explains.

Impact of intergroup contact on preventing discrimination

source: Psychologists believe that intergroup contact is the best way to reduce prejudices and stereotypes about minorities. On the other hand there are reports from research that intergroup contact may also have a demobilizing effect on minorities, because close relations with the majority may weaken their awareness of discrimination. The latest issue of the… Czytaj więcej »

Discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

Sexual orientation and gender identity are one of the personal characteristics that are very often prone to discriminatory behavior. Magdalena Wrońska from Queer UW, a student organization, explains what homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are and where persons at risk of being discriminated because of their sexual orientation and gender identity can look for help.

Sexual harassment – how to react?

What is sexual harassment? What are some sexual harassment behaviors? It is not only about using the bodily integrity of another person. What to do if we become a victim of sexual harassment? Who can help in such situations? Antonina Lewandowska, a consultant on sexual violence in the UW student ombudsman team talks about this.

Recommendations regarding non-discriminatory language at UW

The university community is diverse and the language we use is not transparent, which means we can easily offend someone. That is why at the University of Warsaw language recommendations have been prepared. Their aim is to indicate how to use the language in a non-discriminatory way and to facilitate communication between university members. In… Czytaj więcej »

Discrimination according to the campaign participants

In the new year we are coming back with another material of our anti-discrimination campaign “We are all equal”. We asked its participants why they took part in it, what discrimination means to them and whether they are afraid to experience it. Listen to what they advise when you see someone discriminating against another person.

Parents at the University

The report entitled Parents at the University sums up the project carried out at the University of Warsaw (implemented as part of the first edition of the University of Warsaw’s Participatory Budget). The report presents the situation and problems of university employees and students who have children. We hope that the report will contribute to a… Czytaj więcej »