Różowa Skrzyneczka/ Pink Boxes at UW

The University of Warsaw joined the Różowa Skrzyneczka/ Pink Box social campaign.

It is an action based on placing boxes with sanitary towels and tampons in women’s toilets. They serve as additional support for persons who do not have personal hygiene products with them. The Pink Boxes are designed to facilitate the functioning of students, PhD students and employees at the university and to ensure their psychological comfort. They are also a form of support for people with lower income, for whom the purchase of personal hygiene products is a significant expense. The involvement of the University of Warsaw in this action is a signal for the academic community that the university cares about the  well-being of people who study and work here.


The aim of the action is to fight taboos and menstrual exclusion.

What is menstrual poverty?

This topic is still too rarely discussed. According to the most common definition, it concerns the limited access to hygiene products for menstruating persons. This problem may be permanent or temporary.

It applies to menstruating persons who, for various reasons, find themselves in a difficult financial situation, including:

  • people living in abusive families / relationships;
  • young people in conflict with their parents / guardians;
  • people who have lost their jobs;
  • people after divorce, often raising children on their own.Temporary or permanent financial problems result in difficult access to sanitary napkins / tampons. Hence, unfortunately, the necessity to make difficult choices often arises: what to buy – hygiene or food products?In Poland, nearly 500,000 people cannot afford sanitary towels or tampons.


In many faculties (list below), in the University Library, dormitories and student government buildings, you can already find Pink Boxes in bathrooms marked with a sticker.
Currently we are preparing a map of all places where you can find Różowa Skrzyneczka at our university.
Follow social media of University of Warsaw and the hashtags #athand #pinkboxUW #4me4you,


  • The Pink Box is a social action:
    – it is based on mutual support. We encourage:
  • to use it when you need it
  • and share items, when possible, by adding them to boxes.



Where can you find Pink Boxes at UW?

Auditorium Maximum
Institute of Social Prevention and Rehabilitation
Department of Biology
Faculty of Sociology
Faculty of Philosophy
Faculty of Physics 
Faculty of Political Science and International Affairs
Faculty of Polish Studies
Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics
Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies
Faculty of Psychology
Faculty of Economic Sciences
Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies
University Library
University of Warsaw Students' Union buildings and dormitories
Do you want to join the Pink Box action? Send us email: rownouprawnienie@uw.edu.pl

More about the Różowa Skrzyneczka campaign (In Polish)