Plenipotentiaries at faculties

Tasks of Plenipotentiaries for equality:

  • cooperation with the authorities of the faculty and the academic spokesman for student and employee affairs (Ombudsman) and the Chief Specialist for equality at the University of Warsaw in the field of anti-discrimination, etc. and shaping an atmosphere of equality and respect for diversity, caring for an equal atmosphere in the daily life of the faculty;
  • every year they provide students and employees with information at the beginning of the academic year about the support system at the faculty and at the university, as well as information about equality courses and training;
  • collection information on good equality practices in the faculty, information on research and statistics and forward them to the Chief Specialist for Equality at the University of Warsaw and the Student and Employee Academic Ombudsman (Ombudsman);
  • dissemination of good practices at the faculty;
  • dissemination of  university equality and similar activities (e.g. anti-mobbing) at the individual level;
  • they are a consultation and contact point in matters of discrimination in an organizational unit;
  • cooperation with the Chief Equality Specialist and with the Academic Ombudsman for Student and Employee Affairs (Ombudsman);
  • participation in training and university networks with their counterparts in other units. The activities of the network are coordinated by the Academic Ombudsman for student and employee affairs (Ombudsman) and the Chief Specialist for Gender Equality at the University of Warsaw

Collegium MISH UW

dr hab. Jakub Urbanik prof. UW 


Faculty of Artes Liberales 

dr Katarzyna Granicka 



Faculty of Biology

dr Marcin Chrzanowski 

+48 22 554 25 18


dr Aleksandra Skawina

+48 22 55 41 021



Faculty of History

dr Monika Polit

+ 48 608 358 963

(please contact via email or phone to schedule a meeting)


Faculty of Philosophy

dr Joanna Komorowska-Mach 


Faculty of Physics 

dr hab. Rafal Demkowicz-Dobrzanski, prof. UW

+48 692484944


Faculty of Polish Studies 

dr Agata Łuksza

dr Łukasz Wróbel

Faculty of Political Science and International Studies 

dr hab. Ewa Marciniak

Thursdays,  10:00-11.30 am (please contact via email to schedule a meeting)


Faculty of Psychology

dr Paulina Górska


Faculty of Sociology

dr hab Julia Kubisa prof. UW