Polish Ombudsman


The Polish Ombudsman is a state body whose purpose is to safeguard human rights and non-violation of the principle of equal treatment by public authorities. One of the main tasks of the PO is to provide assistance to people who are discriminated against and excluded. The Ombudsman, together with the PO Office – an auxiliary unit of the body – conducts cases concerning implementation of the principle of equal treatment and non-discrimination on the grounds of any cause. The Equal Treatment Team, set up within the Office, is responsible for promoting tolerance and respect for each human, and also for helping people experiencing unequal treatment.

Any person who believes that his/her constitutional right to equality has been infringed by the State may notify the Polish Ombudsman. The notification to the PO can be submitted in writing, electronically (via a form available at www.rpo.gov.pl), and in person (in Warsaw and in Offices of Plenipotentiaries). Name, correspondence address and details of the case should be provided in the application. In addition, a notifier may reserve his/her personal information only to the PO use.

The Ombudsman is in charge of observing rights of every citizen (but also a foreigner if s/he is under authority of the Republic of Poland) in respect of equal treatment on grounds of gender, disability, nationality, age, religion or any other feature. An application submitted to the PO is free of charge and is not subject to any formal requirements.


Office of the Citizens’ Rights Ombudsman
Al. Solidarności 77
00-090 Warsaw
Phone: 22 55 17 700
Citizens’ helpline 800 676 676

Monday 10:00 – 18:00,
Tuesday to Friday 8:00 – 16:00