UW reports

Equal Treatment based on Gender – UW Community Survey 2019 Report (PDF in Polish)
The aim of the study among students and employees of the University of Warsaw was to analyze the perceived prevalence of various forms of unequal treatment on the basis of gender. The study looked at the types of unequal treatment, their frequency, situational context, responses to them, and perceived institutional norms.
The research team also aimed to investigate the links between unequal treatment and mental well-being and well-being in the workplace. The purpose of formulating such a diagnosis was to more effectively prevent unequal treatment in the future, define areas to which special attention should be paid, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the institution. This knowledge may be helpful in determining the directions of developing the equality policy of the University of Warsaw.
Dr. Magdalena Budziszewska, Dr. Wiktor Soral, Dr. Aleksandra Świderska, Dr. Marta Witkowska, dr Karolina Hansen
Center for Research on Prejudice, University of Warsaw

Alienated. Report on research on the situation of LGBTQ people studying at the University of Warsaw. Edition 2016 (PDF in Polish)
The aim of the research conducted in 2016 was to re-analyze the perception of the situation of LGBTQ people studying at the University of Warsaw. This is the second edition of the study, the first took place in 2011.
Editing: Her Perfekcyjność, collaboration: Marysia Woźniak
Queer UW