We are all equal

The  ”We Are All Equal” social campaign is directed to the University of Warsaw community. 

Its purpose is to emphasize strongly that at the University of Warsaw there is no place for discrimination and people who experience it will find support here. At the University of Warsaw, we try to create a space free of all discrimination in which everyone can feel safe. 

The University of Warsaw community is diverse in many ways, but all of us have in common that we are equal. 

The campaign is part of the activities implementing the European Charter for Researchers and the HR Excellence in Research strategy at the University of Warsaw. The strategy includes the implementation of activities in the area of equal treatment and increasing knowledge and awareness in the field of antidiscrimination. 


We invite you to watch the series of short films promoting the “We are equal” campaign


The film that opens the campaign

The University of Warsaw community is diverse in many ways. All of us have in common that we are all equal. We do not agree to discrimination, mobbing, sexual harassment and unequal treatment. React, you are not alone!


What is discrimination?

Assistant Professor Julia Kubisa who is equal opportunities chief specialist at the UW, discusses discrimination and its kinds.

Czym jest dyskryminacja? | What is discrimination?

Na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim wszyscy jesteśmy równoważni – to hasło, które przyświeca naszej kampanii antydyskryminacyjnej i promującej równe traktowanie. W pierwszym z serii materiałów edukacyjnych dr hab. Julia Kubisa, specjalistka ds. równouprawnienia na UW, przedstawia, czym jest dyskryminacja i jakie rozróżniamy jej rodzaje.***At the University of Warsaw we are all equal- slogan behind our anti-discrimination campaign. In the first movie from the educational series, Assistant Professor Julia Kubisa who is equal opportunities chief specialist at the UW, will discuss discrimination and its kinds.

Opublikowany przez Uniwersytet Warszawski Poniedziałek, 28 października 2019


Discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity

Sexual orientation and gender identity are one of the personal characteristics that are very often prone to discriminatory behavior. Magdalena Wrońska from Queer UW, a student organization, explains what homophobia, biphobia and transphobia are and where persons at risk of being discriminated because of their sexual orientation and gender identity can look for help.


Ageism, that is discrimination based on age

Dr Anna Cybulko, UW Ombudsman, who offers assistance and support in various university issues, explains what age discrimination is and how to cope.


Let’s talk about gender discrimination

Assistant Professor Julia Kubisa explains what gender discrimination is, how we should react towards gender discrimination and what the UW does to prevent it.

Discrimination based on disability and chronic illness

This time we present video material  about discrimination based on disability and chronic illness. Paweł Wdówik, head of the Office for Persons with Disabilities at the University of Warsaw says how to treat people with disabilities and the chronically ill. At the University of Warsaw we are all equal!


National origin discrimination

In another material Professor Assistant Jolanta Choińska-Mika, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Quality of Teaching, will remind us why we shouldn’t behave in an inappropriate and unfair way towards our students and employees from abroad.


Workplace bullying

It is estimated that about 5% of employees become victims of workplace bullying in Poland. Which behavior is classified as workplace bullying and where to find help at the University of Warsaw? Magdalena Miksa, Anti-mobbing coordinator, explains.


Sexual harassment

What are some sexual harassment behaviors? It is not only about using the bodily integrity of another person. What to do if we become a victim of sexual harassment? Who can help in such situations? Antonina Lewandowska, a consultant on sexual violence in the UW student ombudsman team talks about this.


Hate speech

Hate speech has serious consequences for the well-being and mental health of those who experience it. Dr hab. Michał Bilewicz, head of the UW Center for Research on Prejudice, explains what is hate speech and presents an initiative to help the University of Warsaw become a space in which no one will experience hate speech.


Discrimination according to participants of the “We are all equal” campaign
Finally, we present a film in which the participants of the campaign tell what discrimination is for them, why they decided to take part in the campaign, whether they are afraid of being discriminated and what can be done when one witnesses discrimination.

All of the above films can also be viewed on the playlist on the You Tube channel of the University of Warsaw



Thank you to ALL employees, students and graduates of the University of Warsaw involved in the campaign. You are the faces of the campaign, thanks to you we were able to create it. 

Kamila Albin

Mykola Babenko

PhD Anna Cybulko

Julián Esteban  

PhD Wojciech Figiel

Elena Fontana

Olha Horovatiuk

Prof. Zygmunt Lalak

Hermes Llain Jimenez

Eduardo Longoria

Mateusz Majkut

Kateryna Nechydyuk

Naledi Ngewnya

Kseniia Pashkovska

Isaac Peter

Kseniya Rusak

Prof. Andrzej Tarlecki

Xinyi Wang

Wenjun Yin

Prof. Eleonora Zielińska

The campaign was created in cooperation with many university units. The project coordinator was the Promotion Office, which organized the campaign in close cooperation with PhD Anna Cybulko (academic ombudsman), PhD Julia Kubisa (equal opportunity chief specialist) and Magdalena Miksa (anti-mobbing coordinator).

A huge thanks go to the following people and institutions: 

  • Administrators of buildings where recordings and photos took place (Magdalena Nowakowska, Agnieszka Kościelniak-Osiak, Agata Meissner, Rafał Wierzchosławski, Iwona Kłosowska)
  • University Library in Warsaw 
  • Office for Persons with Disabilities 
  • UW incubator
  • Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Communication and Spokesperson, Anna Korzekwa
  • Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Human Resources Management Development, Joanna Wąsowicz
  • Queer UW
  • UW Student Council 
  • University Volunteer Center
  • Welcome Point
  • Uniwersytet Zaangażowany (“University Involved”)

Directed and produced by: Mieszko Czerniawski, Promotion Office

Screenplay: Agata Ignatowicz-Bocian, Promotion Office

Recordings: Jarosław Skrzeczkowski, Promotion Office

Editing: Łukasz Kałuża, Promotion Office

Pictures: Mirosław Kaźmierczak

Subtitles translations: Aleksandra Tkacz (en), Edward Siech (ru)

Graphic design, poster design: Marcin Rossa, mufu.pl 

#rownowazni and #wearallequal

The campaign consists of: a series of posters, social media activities, a main movie, a series of mini interviews to raise awareness about discrimination, mobbing, hate speech and how to counteract these phenomena.

Campaign start: October 2019.