We Are All Equal

Concept of the name We Are All Equal (Polish: Równoważni)

While considering which motto will render the spirit of tolerance of the University of Warsaw as well as the aim and nature of equality actions taken at the University, the concept of the name we are all equal was created. The name includes the most important features which need to be emphasised, as they are key for the good functioning of our society:

  • we are – it means that each person is unique and important and that his/her actions are meaningful,
  • all equal – this part means that all members of the academic community have the right to equal treatment and that no one can be discriminated against on grounds of any feature,
  • we are all equal – it means balance, order and harmony in mutual cooperation of individual members of the academic community.

The author of the name Równoważni is Ms. Agata Ignatowicz-Bocian from the Promotion Office of the University of Warsaw.


Here is more information about our social campaign “We Are All Equal”.